How to keep cool amid rising Ontario temperatures

How to keep cool amid rising Ontario temperatures

Spring has sprung in Ontario, and it appears as though the province is in for a hot season right from the start, especially in the southern regions. The Weather Network reported that aside from a couple of spots in the first week or so of June, the entirety of Ontario will experience hotter weather than historic averages for most of the month. This news is surely more than welcome following a frigid winter, but many residents will need some ideas to keep cool in the coming weeks.

Let's take a look at a few of note for various regions of Ontario:

A day at the movies
According to blogTO, the Inside Out Film Festival is among the most beloved events in Ontario's capital city, and one that should not be passed up among movie lovers. This festival runs through June 4, and what better way to spend a balmy day than in the cool environs of a comfortable movie theater?

If more traditional film is preferred, going to one of Toronto's or Ottawa's many beautiful movie theaters to see a major summer blockbuster – many of which have been released in just the past few weeks – is a great way to escape the heat throughout the spring and summer months. 

Enjoy a fresh beer
If you find yourself in Ottawa during the final few days of May and love craft beers, good music and fine art, you are in luck. The Festibière de Gatineau beer festival will be held at the Canadian Museum of History from May 31 through June 2, and represents an exceptional respite from the heat.

Not only can you enjoy the finest libations from more than 30 North American breweries, you will also be on the beautiful and historic museum's grounds for the three-day stretch. More information can be found at the event's main website

Jazz in the capital
Toward the end of the month, Toronto will once again host its world-renowned, 10-day Jazz Festival from June 22 through July 1. Known for its ability to attract the best jazz musicians in the world, and tens of thousands of fans, this festival's various venues serve as great environments to escape and embrace the early days of summer. 

This year's featured musicians include Herbie Hancock, Bela Fleck, Seal and more. For ticketing and event information, check out the Toronto Jazz Festival's website

Water park season has begun
With the spring thaw in full force and temperatures rising so quickly across the province, water parks in the region are beginning to open their doors for summer. TripAdvisor counts a total of 44 water parks in the province, meaning that no matter where you reside, you're likely not far from a perfect summer oasis. TripAdvisor also offers guidance on which parks are the most highly rated and how to get to them. 

Enjoy the beginning of summer and keep cool, Ontario!