Finding the right summer exercise routine for you

Finding the right summer exercise routine for you

Although January might be the most popular time to start a diet or new exercise routine, late spring is likely when people begin to peak with respect to getting into shape for those long days at the beach. Each individual will need to identify the workout that best suits their needs, capabilities and goals, but there are a few types of routines and exercises that can work well for everyone.

Let's take a look at some of the more popular ones around today and what you can do to get started.

Initial tips
Make sure you consult with your doctor to understand what exercises you might need to avoid, as well as the type of routine that will work best for your particular weight and physical abilities. Additionally, you will want to ensure you are doing a range of exercises throughout the week, rotating the areas of the body you are focus on each day to avoid injury. 

Further, if you decide to lift weights regularly, keep in mind that there are two potential avenues: Heavier weights at fewer repetitions to build mass, or lower weights with higher repetitions for toning muscles. A great exercise routine will work both of these in. 

An increasingly popular method of exercising, high-intensity interval training often leads to a consistent full body workout and the targeting of virtually all muscle groups. Body Building reported that HIIT has been seen as superior to standard cardiovascular workouts in the eyes of researchers with respect to the percent of body fat burned. 

According to the magazine, many individuals who practice HIIT follow the principles outlined by Izumi Tabata, which demands constant, high-intensity workouts for 20 seconds at a time with 10-second rests in between repetitions. This can be applied to virtually any type of workout, from running and cycling to weight lifting and beyond. Look into some of the more structured HIIT routines to find your groove. 

Low-impact cardio
Running, weight lifting and other exercises are deemed as "high impact," and can have a negative effect on joints and even increase the chances of injury. For this reason, many individuals will benefit more from low-impact cardiovascular exercises. Self magazine lists planking, boxing, cycling, swimming and rowing as some of the best options available to individuals who want to take this approach to their exercise routines. 

The warmer months are definitely the best time to give low-impact cardio routines a shot, as they can get you outside a bit more frequently than spending countless hours in a gym. Always consider speaking with a physical therapist or trainer, alongside work with a nutritionist, to develop a personalized diet and exercise plan and track your results.