Canadian millennials: Too reliant on smartphones?

Millennials use their phones, literally, everywhere

The advancements of technology have changed the world, in many cases for the better. But at the same time, a lot of kids growing up today all over the world don't understand what life was like before the internet, and certainly before cell phones. Now everything is in the palm of one's hand – people can reach one another anytime and just about anywhere.

Research presented by Fido mobile revealed that millennials in particular cannot be without their phones. For them, a smartphone is not just a tool for texting and calling, it is a way of life, often being used in absence of face-to-face communication.

Millennials smartphone use is ubiquitous
According to the survey, it's nearly impossible to separate a millennial from his or her smartphone. A massive 73{7cd91e504e29d1036c1992e6eb8fa52e7802f251f2133da8a44bf71c2a063426} of respondents indicated that they were reliant on their phone for their social life. While this is understandable as most communication today is done digitally, it seems that many of this generation cannot put their phones down. The survey results indicated that 28{7cd91e504e29d1036c1992e6eb8fa52e7802f251f2133da8a44bf71c2a063426} of millennials look at their phone before getting out of bed in the morning, prior to brushing their teeth and even before they speak with their significant other. In contrast, 11{7cd91e504e29d1036c1992e6eb8fa52e7802f251f2133da8a44bf71c2a063426} of non-millennials indicated that the first thing they did upon waking was to check their phones.

Many people choose to use the alarm function on their phones to wake up in the morning. However, a significant number of millennials use the devices to wind down as well. Per the survey, 27 percent of those belonging to this generation think that using their phone while in bed with their partner is perfectly acceptable. This extends to other somewhat surprising settings as well: 69{7cd91e504e29d1036c1992e6eb8fa52e7802f251f2133da8a44bf71c2a063426} will use their phones on the toilet and 42{7cd91e504e29d1036c1992e6eb8fa52e7802f251f2133da8a44bf71c2a063426} will do so at the dinner table.

"Our customers rely on their smartphones and their data to stay connected to their world. One in four millennials would even rather lose their wallet than their phone."

Communication and entertainment
Further, millennials don't just text to have a quick chat, they also use social media – and sometimes, not just for a quick hello. According to the survey, 80{7cd91e504e29d1036c1992e6eb8fa52e7802f251f2133da8a44bf71c2a063426} of millennials deem it appropriate to ask out another person via instant message, rather than texting or calling. They also think that it is acceptable to break up with someone using this kind of electronic communication as well.

Streaming television and other shows is important to millennials. 40{7cd91e504e29d1036c1992e6eb8fa52e7802f251f2133da8a44bf71c2a063426} of respondents indicated that they will watch video on their phones at least "a few times a day."